Track Changes


Note: You cannot submit your manuscript if you have any unresolved suggested edits. 


Step 1. Switch on the Track changes feature using the toggle button at the top of the screen to track changes made to your manuscript from now on.



Note: You cannot switch off the Track changes feature if you have any unresolved suggested edits.



Step 2. Text edits appear highlighted (i.e. deleted text shows in red and new text is green). Hover over a highlighted text to see the user that has made the change.




Step 3. To accept / reject a suggested edit, click on the text and then use the Accept / Reject button. 



Tip: Navigate through the suggested edits using the Prev / Next button to ensure that you do not overlook any changes.



Step 4. Preview the text containing all suggested edits by selecting Preview on the left-hand side (note that doing this does not accept / reject any changes). Click Changes to go back to the real-time version.