In Taxonomic Paper manuscripts intended for publication in Biodiversity Data Journal, specimen records can be imported either manually, or from Darwin Core-compliant Excel spreadsheets, or online from GBIF, BOLD, iDigBio, and PlutoF.



Step 1. Expand the Materials section of the treatment for which you want to import specimen or occurrence records by clicking on the pen next to it.




Step 2. Occurrence record import from BOLD is possible via an individual BOLD record ID, or in bulk via a BOLD BIN number. If you choose a BOLD BIN, all records in the BIN will be imported.


For the import to be successful, enter the record ID or the BIN ID in the respective field on the bottom of the page. Select the appropriate BOLD source and click Add. You may separate several ID’s by the pipe ("|") symbol.





* Search and find the record(s) you would like to import on the BOLD Systems website (, copy the BOLD or the BOLD BIN ID of the record(s) and paste it/them in the search interface as shown in Step 2.